What are they? New Rules for installer distributions (Rule 1)

(CSDN May 25, 2006)

Rule 1: Which projects you should use to rebuild from source?

For Release Candidates, the source code contained may not be compiled easily. For most cases, SharpDevelop projects are used by me, so they are up-to-date. NAnt files and BDS projects may be out of date.

For Final and Updates, all projects should be okay.

The reasons:

I love SharpDevelop a lot, although it is not yet perfect. So I use it to maintain the projects.

NAnt scripts are easiest to use but hardest to write. So I do this work at last.

BDS projects are kept for some users who do not want to try SharpDevelop. Yes, BDS itself is quite excellent, but its future is not clear.

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