GrapeVine Voice: AddMany 5.2 Comes

Our dear Mauro Venturini released a new version of AddMany now. So you can download it here and install. Or if you prefer, I will revive the AddMany Plus in Code Beautifier Collection this weekend in 6.0 M9 so you can enjoy AddMany along with tens of other features provided by CBC.

If you follow the details mentioned in AddMany.txt, you will surely see Windows Forms support in RAD Studio is rather limited so upgrading AddMany is not a pleasant process. Thank God that we have a new version now.

If you think the update is as easy as recompiling the old source code against .NET 2.0, you are definitely wrong. AddMany 5.2 ships with a new RAD Studio project file parser so it can add multiple files to the new MSBuild script based projects. This part is completely rewritten by Marco which I think takes a lot of time. It may be why Marco released it this late.

In fact, he do not need to wait for this new Delphi for .NET compiler. Delphi for .NET compilers in older versions of IDE can already compile against .NET 2.0 through some command line switch.

Stay tuned.

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Last updated on April 13, 2024