GrapeVine Voice: April 08 Release

You may notice that I have just released a new BETA version of Code Beautifier Collection yesterday. And this one is called April 08 Release.

From now on, I change the naming policy to this style in order to match the current release cycle. Now the cycle is much longer (4–6 weeks), compared to the old days (one week, when I was at college).

C’est la vie!

I plan to release a stable version in May. So stay tuned on the May 08 Release, my friends.

Oh, almost forget to tell you what’s new in the April version,

  1. Office 2007 style UI for PlusManager, ExpertManager and InDate.
  2. New InDate implementation on State Pattern.
  3. An experimental feature on signing Delphi for .NET projects.
  4. A bug in RegistryHelper.cs is fixed.
  5. NUnit unit tests and NMock mocks are embedded in the source code. So you can run the tests on your machine to see if the code breaks there.
  6. A new dialogue to catch unhandled exceptions. If you want to send bug report directly to me, you can do it by clicking Send Error Report.
  7. PDB files are included in installation folder, so more information about the unhandled exceptions can be captured.
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© - Lex Li. All rights reserved.

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Last updated on June 01, 2024