Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake: Wish I could use you more

(CSDN July 07, 2006)

It is this Linux distro I know that could be included in only one CD. So I try to install it at home where no internet access is available.

I failed to do a lot of daily work on it, because without internet, apt-get could never work. I had to bring back home a lot of packages in my USB disk, such as RealPlayer, Acrobat Reader, and so on. At least, it works since then.

That version was Ubuntu 5.10. I installed an old version of Mono and found it okay. However, when Glade was embedded into MonoDevelop, that new MonoDevelop could not run.

Now, Ubuntu 6.06 is out there, and I try it on my dev machine (in fact this blog entry is done in Firefox on Ubuntu).

And after apt-get install monodevelop, I finally get a MonoDevelop running. I think now I can do more study on Mono.

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