News! NixNewNer Update 1 is out there

(CSDN July 04, 2006)

After a month of developing and testing, it is much stabler and featured.

From NixNewNer Final such changes incur:

  1. .plus2 file format is added. .plus support is removed.
  2. plus2plus2 tool is included.
  3. multi-level tab in Preferences Dialog is added.
  4. A CB Plus General Tab is added to add some useful options.
  5. FileWizards is disabled under BDS 1.0.
  6. Auto-Updater feature called InDate is done.
  7. Bug 14 and 15 are fixed.
  8. InDate 2 is done.
  9. License.pdf is updated.

And some UI components are redone in order to achieve a good look.

Wish you enjoy it.

TIP: For those Update 1 RC users, try InDate 1 in the RC versions, and it may download the update for you.

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