#SNMP Design: Unity in Compiler Finally

If you have time to review our latest Browser source code, you will notice what I have done in order to fit Unity in. I moved nearly all global variables into the IoC container who helps construct every objects based on my configuration file.

However, because I spent less time on the Compiler so its design is worse. So a lot of refactoring was performed. And the output is beyond my imagination. By creating a CompilerCore class, I successfully extract a lot of code out of MainForm. I cannot believe everything works out in this way unless here it is. So is it possible to develop a command line compiler based on this new class? Yup, I would probably do that soon.

It is really nice to learn about Unity, as I have a nice ride to redesign both the Compiler and Browser step by step. Now it is time to move on, as we still have a few key items for CrossRoad release. Stay tuned.

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Last updated on April 14, 2024