CD/DVD Emulation Tool for Windows 7

I have been testing Windows 7 Public Beta for about a week. It runs really smooth except that Daemon Tools cannot be installed correctly. Windows 7 actually displays a notification when I try to install such software, so I can know it is not yet compatible with this Beta build.

However, I am in bad need of a tool like Daemon Tools to install some products from CD/DVD image files. Then I turn to Virtual CloneDrive. You may wonder if this tool works fine. Yup, it works perfectly, but only one problem may stop you. What is that? Its installer will tell you Windows 7 is not supported, so it refuses to start installation.

Then how did I install that? You have to cheat the installer by opening its properties dialog from Windows Explorer. Then in Compatibility tab tell it to run in Vista mode (or XP mode). Now let’s run it again. OK, I hope you find this tip useful.

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Last updated on April 19, 2024