CodeGear Merged into Embarcadero

Farewell Borland, though I am wearing a Borland T-Shirt today. It feels rather complicated and I guess many people feel the same.

Finally CodeGear leaves Borland and becomes private as people expected. Even though the price is only 30 millions, this deal should be a huge hit because a large independent tools vendor has formed (may be the largest according to the community chat).

Can you pronounce Embarcadero correctly?

I found it hard for most non-Latin speakers. And even if I can pronounce it right now, I find that I cannot type it correctly. So hope this combined company finds a nice name later.

It would be kind of weird to me if Tiburon, or Delphi 2008, gets released without any Borland marks. And I believe I would miss that name soon as it already becomes part of the software history.

What would happen to Delphi, JBuilder, and other CodeGear products? Embarcadero Technologies CEO Wayne Williams will tell.

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Last updated on June 01, 2024