#SNMP Design: Do We Need Command Line Tools?

It is sad that Net-SNMP only has command line tools, but they are really powerful and easy to use. Do we need similar tools in #SNMP Suite? Why not? But how?

I really hate to write command line tools because it is always hard to parse the arguments. However, Miguel (Mono lead) posted something wonderful here which attracted my attention. It is a discussion about command line parser so I soon decided to give Mono.Options a try.

And it works perfect! So I have just checked in the latest TestGet sample, who works similar to Net-SNMP snmpget. However, the command line syntax is slightly different.

For example, Net-SNMP: snmpget -c public -V v2c #SNMP : snmpget -c=public -V=v2

Well, in fact #SNMP accepts more types of command line input because of Mono.Options, so please play with it and leave me your comments.

Next step I am going to update other samples. Stay tuned.

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Last updated on May 01, 2024