TritonMate Words: Mono for Android Port Beta Package

I hope followers of this blog are not bored by the less and less change sets I submitted to the repository, and today this piece of important news arrives.

img-description Figure 1: #SNMP on Mono for Android.

Well if you are familiar with Android development, you know this is an Android app running on the simulator. I used this app to test out SNMP GET messages sent from it to my local development box (Windows 8, aka 6.2), so now I am confident the code base works as expected.

Anyway you can now try out on your own, by downloading the binaries

Although it is listed under a stable release page, please understand that this package alone is still a Beta quality piece.

Next I am going to see how to run all unit test cases on the simulator so as to gain more insights about Mono for Android. Hope we won’t find many issues later.

Stay tuned.

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Last updated on May 01, 2024