Product Review: Windows Live Photo Gallery vs. Picasa

I have been using Picasa for a long time so you can see I am addicted to Google most of the times. However, you cannot double click on an image and open it in Picasa as you may expect. Picasa is not ACDSee. So I have to prepare Paint.NET as back up. Somebody in my team thinks the double click feature is a must so now I recommend him to use Windows Live Photo Gallery.

There are a few things WLPG lacks,

  • Cute look. Picasa UI is really cool and easy to use. Especially I can double click to navigate between gallery and image modes. In WLPG, I have to click some “back to” button.
  • Powerful Editing. Picasa can help you edit photos. Even though WLPG provides some similar functions, the range is limited. But WLPG is still a Beta, and Picasa has been there for years as a commercial product.

Have to say except these two, WLPG can replace Picasa on my computer. I will keep trying WLPG to decide which one lives and which one dies.

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Last updated on June 24, 2024