Product Registration Extras

I believe most people do not understand why registering your purchased products is important. I was one of those people until CodeGear provides extras for its registered users of Delphi 2006. Since then I have registered every products I have.

The benefits are,

  1. Extras. Delphi 2006 users receive Castalia, QuickReport and so on. Microsoft Visual Studio Express registered users enjoy a lot of free add ons. I registered my Visual C# 2005 Express last month and now I can start Ribbon development with free telerik r.a.d.ribbonbar for WinForms Q4 2006. Other vendors provide similar extra values for their users.
  2. News and resources. Although some companies provide public resources, others insist only registered get news and important resources. In this case, if you do not register, you miss a lot of nice things.

Always, registration helps yourselves a lot. Beside it is also good for the vendors. They need to know who use their products, what the users want in the next version, and what they can do to ensure your success.

I filled out every surveys Borland/CodeGear provides during the last three years, as well as some Microsoft surveys. I believe my success cannot be possible without these vendors so I want to support them as much as I can.

What is your attitude about the venders? Do you want to support them? Start from now on, before they disappear some day and live you helpless.

BTW, I shall start to provide registration in Code Beautifier Collection some day. But now you can easily register yourself by sending me a mail to [email protected]. Remember to add CBC or GrapeVine in the mail title so my Junk settings do not affect that mail.

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Last updated on May 01, 2024