Product Review: GhostDoc for Visual Studio

There are so many add ins for Visual Studio designed by MVPs and I can almost draw a conclusion that if you make a popular VS add in, you may become an MVP some day.

GhostDoc is one of the best add in and created by Roland Weigelt. What it does is to generate XML comments for you semi-automatically.

I have been using it several times and today I found it so powerful that I must blog about it. When you commented an interface, you know all derived types need the exact same summary words and you need to manually type them again and again here and there. With GhostDoc, it is much easier. It seems that GhostDoc remembers you have commented this interface, so when it generates comments for derived types, the same words are copied there. Great.

My only wish is that someone could port it to SharpDevelop some day so I can enjoy this nice tool there. Most of the times, I find SD light weighted but still powerful enough.

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Last updated on April 19, 2024