OTA/.NET Compatibility Tests

(CSDN June 08, 2006)

Using OTA for .NET, David made SBT for different BDS versions easily.

There is fewer #ifs because almost all interfaces in Borland.Studio.ToolsAPI.dll (4 versions now) are the same.

However, there are some important differences CBC meets.

First, IOTAModuleServices does not have a ActiveProject property in BDS 1.0. So I have to modify Lextm.AddMany project, and replace calls for the property (there is a workaround so I can make it).

Second, IOTAGalleryCategoryManager’s FindCategory is not overloaded in BDS 1.0. So

IOTAGalleryCategory _Cat = _GalleryCategoryManager.FindCategory(OTAGalleryCategories.sCategoryRoot);

inside FileWizards raises exception under BDS 1.0. I change it to

IOTAGalleryCategory _Cat = _GalleryCategoryManager.FindCategory("Borland.Root");

and hope it will be okay.

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