ANN! NixNewNer is out now after testing for some days

(CSDN June 08, 2006)

Finally some bugs are fixed, and some OTA bugs are worked around. There are some grooves that are too wide to cross. And as a result, some features in list are disabled now.

Main changes:

  1. * Plus Manager GUI is updated. Use TreeView instead of ListView.
  2. * AutoCompletion is tuned again.
  3. + Adds some XML tag supports in C# that you can invoke in Ctrl + J. (BDS 4 only)
  4. * #13 bug on the bug tracker is fixed.
  5. - Input Helper is disabled.
  6. * AddMany Plus now works well under BDS 1.0.
  7. - FileWizards of WiseEditor Plus is disabled under BDS 1.0.
  8. * Documents are updated.

Also it is NixNewNer Final, not a RC any more.

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