GrapeVine Voice: Common csc.exe Frozen Issue

When I started CBC in 2005, I never thought that there would be so many options I needed to provide. Therefore, it was in 2006 I began to search for preferences management system. And that’s why serialization became the solution.

The only problem of serialization is that deserialization process requires csc.exe to run in the background. And if the process is started by an IDE plug in, sometimes csc.exe freezes. I guess the freezing is caused by limited memory of the system but I am not sure.

Today, when I launch Visual Studio 2005 in a 300-M memory VM, I met the exact problem, too. Both GhostDoc and ReSharper have this issue. And you can imagine this issue only affects .NET written plug ins.

I do not know of any fix. The only workaround is to kill csc.exe and devenv.exe, then restart VS. Do you come across this issue? Do you have a better solution or fix?

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Last updated on May 01, 2024