HardQuery Report: Ready for Highlander

(CSDN Jan 30, 2007)

According to the latest Delphi Hour, field test process of Highlander will start soon. A piece of very good news.

Now I am still not sure if CBC is ready to go with it. After some testings I find the code works well under .NET 2.0. But I do not know what new features will be available in Highlander, and whether they conflicts to CBC’s features. So we must be patient enough.

In my opinion Highlander will be released in April or May. But it must be out before we get tired of BDS 2006, isn’t it? However, in fact I think BDS 2006 is good enough for .NET 1.1.

In order to make a small difference between LeXtudio (the office) and Code Beautifier Collection (the product), in the latest version you see a new icon I made for CBC (the old icon will be reserved for LeXtudio) in GIMP. It is a sole that has three claws.

Many changes are delayed to GrapeVine but in the latest versions of HardQuery I keep cleaning the code. I wish by the time Highlander is released CBC’s codebase would have been nice and tidy. As a result, although there are few new features, a solid base for later additions will be created.

Stay tuned and the R2U2 will be available soon.

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