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(CSDN Jan 31, 2007)

Pawel Glowacki, a CodeGear guy, blogged about his xdoc Code Template here.

The fact is that I have done a few xml-comments-related templates when designing CBC. After installing CBC, there is a menu item in the Start Menu named “Install extra templates”. Click it and a few C# templates will be added.

You can download CBC from

The only problem is that these templates are manual, not auto.

In fact I am wondering why Delphi cannot generate basic xml comments for us. SharpDevelop has such a nice feature.

The usage of these templates are complex because the IDE does not work as I expect.

The templates do not have /// in the beginning. I make it because after typing a line of xml comments and hitting the ENTER, BDS will lead you to the next line and append /// automatically.

However, keywords after /// will not be fired by SPACE or TAB, so you must use CTRL + J.

An example of using the templates is

  1. type ///.
  2. type sum or summ.
  3. Hit CTRL + J, and the template “summary” is triggered.
  4. After finishing this tag, hit ENTER.
  5. The IDE adds /// for you.
  6. Type re.
  7. Hit CTRL + J, and choose remarks tag from the popped list.
  8. Finish the remarks tag.
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