GrapeVine Voice: Post 6.0 Final Plan

CodeGear gave up C#Builder so I could no longer maintain Code Beautifier Collection in it. That was why I moved to SharpDevelop a few months ago. It is OK as now Delphi native becomes the only core again, and most developers are pleased to see this shift.

This shift impacts on GrapeVine in such an unexpected way that I suddenly find most of features are C# or .NET centric. What could GrapeVine bring to Delphi developers in a long term?

If you take a look at GrapeVine (6.0) and compare it with HardQuery (5.2 and 5.3), a key change is that most C# related items are either extended to support Delphi as well or simply removed (don’t worry, I keep them so I may revive them if CodeGear revisits .NET in the future).

So in the next major release GrapeVine Update 1 (6.0.1), I am going to further extend features to support Delphi and VCL development. As usual, I won’t clone GExperts or CnWizards features. I am just focusing on features that I know well and use frequently.

I am to do a few posts about GrapeVine new features to illustrate how to use them easily. Stay tuned.

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Last updated on June 24, 2024