AssemblyInfoTask Is Back

I was wondering where to find AssemblyInfoTask again after GotDotNet got down. And googling did not help. It was last week that I could not wait any more and write to the author for help.This morning, kindly Neil replied to me with the link.

As a matter of facts, this project has been moved to Code Gallery for almost a year. So what’s wrong with my googling? Suddenly I found that the name of the project was changed to AssemblyInfo Task.

This is the problem. Googling AssemblyInfoTask does not provide anything to the new link. And even if you try googling AssemblyInfo Task, the new link is listed as the sixth item at this moment.

And now I am sure I would never change any names of my projects this way in case my users get lost in the middle of nowhere.

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Last updated on April 19, 2024