F# and Visual Studio After 2008

According to this post, development on Visual Studio 2008 is now drawing to the end and the team is already moving toward another major version. So it might be called Visual Studio 2011 if they think 3 years is a good period.

Right now I am not very interested in the LINQ and Lambda stuffs so Visual Studio 2008 is not a fun except MSBuild 3.5. But I have to say that because MSFT is planning to release a new language named F# later, my C# experience may become horrible.

Yes, when C# is out, you can see how MSFT treats Visual C++ guys. MFC is not updated until C++Builder 2007 supports Microsoft Windows Vista development smoothly. Will this kind of ignorance be given to our C# guys one day when F# is released? It seems that we are already abandoned because we cannot make full use of Vista APIs right now except using P/Invoke somewhere.

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Last updated on April 14, 2024