Eclipse Download Experience Changes

Maybe third party distributions finally hurt Eclipse Foundation a bit. Now when I try to download latest Eclipse, I find Europa, a bunch of official distribution packages.

I find the packages similar to EasyEclipse packages (EasyEclipse has more packages). And I can use FlashGet to speed up downloading because there is finally an HTTP mirror here in China.

I’d like to try Europa Eclipse IDE for C/C++ later because it is even smaller than EasyEclipse for C/C++. I believe it will be a better base for TeX development.

BTW, you’d better choose between Europa and EasyEclipse. While Europa is official, EasyEclipse does add a lot of useful plug ins in each distro in order to optimize your productivity which greatly save you a lot of time and energy from searching in the archive yourself.

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Last updated on May 01, 2024