Windows Live Writer Special Tip

I cannot access my blogspot account at home. Yes, I cannot see my homepage, while I was about to log in and edit posts.

What does this mean? * is now filtered out of my scope by my ISP. I do not know why.

In this case, I cannot publish posts in WLW at home. However, I keep using WLW at home. Why?

  1. I love to write in WLW. The user interface is much better than a web browser and extendible with a lot of nice plugins.
  2. Sometimes I find WLW generates more tidy code then Blogger default editor.
  3. I can copy the final result into my Blogger editor in a web browser and publish it there.

Because I cannot publish pictures to Blogger, I find this boring workaround sometimes useful.

Unless there is another great post writer program for me to review, I’ll bind to WLW for a while.

What is your favourite post writer?

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Last updated on June 24, 2024