David Hervieux Today

Well, it is always sad to say goodbye, especially when I have to stop my work on Code Beautifier Collection . But suddenly after typing David’s name, I start to wonder what he is doing at this moment.

So I navigated to SBT page again, and found a link to Devolutions inc . This is David’s own company and provides free products as well as a few commercial utilities.

At last on LinkedIn, I found David’s profile . Hope he is not surprised to received such a mail :)

Hi David,

Time goes by so quickly. When I wrote to you in 2005 asking about the license of Sharp Builder Tools, your reply inspired me a lot so I spent my spare time upgrading SBT to a new project, Code Beautifier Collection. That year, I was still a college student.

It is today that I finally make a tough decision to stop working on CBC. When I wrote the last words on my blog, your name appeared that I suddenly realized how much I owe you. It was the source code of SBT that taught me C# bit by bit, and that led to my .NET skill set which helps me get my last job at Cisco in 2007 and current position at Microsoft.

Thank you so much. I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. 

- Lex
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Last updated on June 01, 2024