#SNMP Design: Team Up

Well, I am back. This time I will not only provide news and forum support, but work on both the library and the compiler as well.

New Member

Then we have another developer now. Welcome, Rick Born (did I mention that he is Steve’s boss?) :) I didn’t have a chance to talk with Rick yet, so I am not sure which component in #SNMP he is most interested in.

Latest Changes

Steve and I checked in a few changes this weekend, so we are getting near to RC 3 for TwinTower. We closed a few Work Items and something new. You may read the check in notes for hints.

But the key change is that Steve back ported the source code to C# 2.0, so now #SNMP can be used in Visual Studio 2005 directly. I know some of you have been waiting for this long enough. So now you can check it out from the repository.

Next Step

Next weekend, I am going to release RC3. Stay tuned.

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