Binding Diagnostics for IIS and IIS Express Users

The complexity of IIS makes it difficult to learn (nginx and Apache are not exceptionally easy either). So many web developers (ASP.NET or not) can find it hard to understand certain concepts, and such might lead to the configuration failing to meet their desires.

I already discussed HTTPS configuration, and how Jexus Manager SSL Diagnostics might help them out. And also Visual Studio Project Diagnostics, a tool to sync project settings and site configuration.

Today, I am happy to announce another diagnostics tool for site bindings, aka Binding Diagnostics.

img-description Figure 1: Site Bindings dialog and Diagnostics button.

So, a new button “Diagnostics” has been added to the Site Bindings dialog, leading you to the Diagnostics dialog itself,

img-description Figure 2: Binding Diagnostics dialog.

The report generated by this tool is still preliminary today, and focus purely on IP v4 related information.

So next time when your web site cannot be accessed locally or externally, hope this tool save you a few minutes.

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Last updated on April 14, 2024