隐藏在Thinking in Java中的Delphi信息

(CSDN Jan 08, 2007)

作为知名的C++/Java技术专家,Bruce Eckel的Thinking in C++/Java系列一直是畅销书。不过,仔细看看书中一些容易被忽略的细节,可以看出Bruce同Delphi也有不小的联系。

  1. 首先Bruce出过这样一本书,Computer Interfacing with Pascal & C,1988。一看便知Bruce对于C和Pascal是一样的熟悉。
  2. Thinking in Java 4th Edition的Acknowledgements中有下面的一段:”It’s not that much of a surprise to me that understanding Delphi helped me understand Java, since there are many concepts and language design decisions in common. My Delphi friends provided assistance by helping me gain insight into that marvelous programming environment. They are Marco Cantu (another Italian―perhaps being steeped in Latin gives one aptitude for programming languages?), Neil Rubenking (who used to do the yoga/vegetarian/Zen thing until he discovered computers), and of course Zack Urlocker (the original Delphi product manager), a long-time pal whom I’ve traveled the world with. We’re all indebted to the brilliance of Anders Hejlsberg, who continues to toil away at C# (which, as you’ll learn in this book, was a major inspiration for Java SE5).”

呵呵,连这样级别的Java专家都承认懂得Delphi有助于理解Java,我看Delphi程序员将来想转行也不是那么困难。当然,Marco Cantu,Zack Urlocker,Anders Hejlsberg在Borland传奇中都有出现了,Neil Rubenking却是一个陌生的名字。


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