HardQuery Report: 1.0 and 0.9, WiseEditor and NFamily

(CSDN Jan 12, 2007)

Many features of WiseEditor and NFamily are taken from Sharp Builder Tools. However, after some investigation I find some places inconvenient. For example, the File Aid dialog, FormViewFiles, is complex. I decide to update it in the coming weeks. While doing this, I will also fix some UI bugs in NFamily Plus, and there are many, I am sorry. But you see they are version 1.0 and 0.9 now. I wish soon I could make them better.

Doing something new sometimes is easier than maintaining old code. However, I think many features David implemented for Sharp Builder Tools is still useful for BDS 2006 users. As a result, I will do my best. Luckily, Refactoring and Patterns help me a lot along the way.

When all is said and done, I think an Update 2 (5.3.2) will come.

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