News! Code Beautifier Collection 5.3 is out there

(CSDN Oct 30, 2006)

I have been busy these days hunting for a job. I am not lucky enough because I did not get any valuable certifications, such SCJD or MCSE. I should have spent time on them but I’ve devoted so much to Code Beautifier Collection. No regret yet, but I am sad still.

I will go on developing this tool until the day all users disappear. I will find a job soon, although it may not be what I want the most. I have to keep myself alive.

BTW, I have published this brand new version on BDN already, and it is also available here.

What’s new?

Since version 5.2, more features from classic helpers, such as ArtCSB, Sharp Builder Tools, have been ported into this collection along with those in AddMany, DILMerge, C#Builder Goodies.

Brand new features include Source Navigator, AutoSave and so on. Below is a list of major changes:

  1. + LeXDK Property Registry and Serialization Service.
  2. - Preferences Service is removed.
  3. + ProjectActivator and Source Navigator feature added in WiseEditor.
  4. + Unhandled exceptions can all be caught.
  5. + Rest of ArtCSB and Sharp Builder Tools features are added.
  6. + Clearer, DILMerge, and ProcessChecker are bundled.
  7. * All documents are updated.

AD Image

And here is a big AD image made in GIMP.

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