Revision 0.0.3, released XX-02-2019#

No changes yet

Revision 0.0.2, released 31-01-2019#

  • Implemented MIB implementation load from pip-installed packages

  • Small fixes to packaging and documentation

Revision 0.0.0, released 13-01-2019#

  • Initial public release

    As of this release, the SNMP Command Responder tool can run one or more SNMP agents and maintain one or more trees of MIB objects representing SNMP-managed entities. Received messages are applied onto one of the MIB trees chosen by tool’s configuration.

    As of this initial version, the basic functionality seems to work, however:

    • the plugin feature is not fully implemented

    • GETNEXT/GETBULK performance needs to be improved

    • network transparency is not operational

    • the documentation is up, though still lacking at places

    • many imaginable configuration examples are not yet present

    • apparently, pysnmp 5.x API needs minor tweaks

    • unit tests is a highly desired thing