Windows XP Themes: Luna, Zune And Royale

I have been using Windows XP for what, about 6 years. The default theme Luna looks nice for the first few years but I got tired of it at last. Then I met Royale, a theme for Media Centre. This fancy theme helps my eyes. But tiredness comes again.

It is yesterday that I knew the existence of the third theme, Zune. And this morning I could not help installing it and found it perfect. I love dark colours thus this time I can start to feel good again about Windows XP.

Also I change my Windows Live Writer and Messenger colours to met this dark brown theme.

At home, I use Windows Vista. Have to say black is my favourite choice.

BTW, I know WindowBlinds and StyleXP can bring you a lot of other styles. However, official themes from Microsoft is not only certified but also tested completely (no tiny flaw can be easily found by my critical eyes).

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Last updated on May 01, 2024