What I'm Doing Recently

This blog has been quiet for a while, as I have been pretty busy on several projects, but trapped on an 2007 laptop.

Book Titled “More on Borland Legend”

This is an old book I authored chapter by chapter between 2007 and 2009, which aimed to fill in the gaps of Gordon Li’s book Borland Legend.

I was inspired by Nick Hodges who is also writing a book via LeanPub. I found this is a better approach compared to Lulu in some aspects, so I would like to try it out and publish my book via it.

I have formatted the first two chapters and I think the output is acceptable. Therefore, I am going to format the rest and see if the whole book can be finished by the end of this year. So many images need processing and so many paragraphs need revising.

It is crazy to do all of above on this old laptop, as it lacks of free disk space for Expression Studio, LaTeX, Word, and Visio. Luckily the new laptop will arrive early next month. Hope the progress can be sped up then.

DockPanel Suite

This project went on quite smoothly, but based on the recent issue reports we received, probably we need to kick off 3.0 branch to include new big features so as to further improve this library.

I have been tracking all the posts, but did not yet have time to post anything lengthy on my thoughts. Hope next month I can finally write up some proposals and start to hack again on it.

Projects At Office

I am not supposed to comment much about the projects I am working on at office, but recently I finished a major release of one important project. So in the next few days, I can enjoy the China National Days, and also review new requirements for the next release. Tired already, and hope I can get some good rest soon.

In the next few months, I get chances to plan several trips both nationally and internationally,

  • In November I will visit Microsoft’s Beijing office for a few days.
  • In December I will go back to Wuhan for a few days, then Shenzhen for a while, and then Hong Kong for about a week.
  • In February 2013, I plan to visit Microsoft campus at Redmond if I am still MVP then for the MVP Summit. (I might also visit other cities on western coast, such as the bay area, if possible.)

More information on those trips will be revealed once confirmed, and if you would like to invite me for a drink nearby, feel free to let me know :)

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