TritonMate Words: BytesViewer, Yet Another Sample

For a very long time, no new samples have been added to #SNMP code base, because the existing samples already demonstrate most of the features a developer might need. However, I think the new comer, named BytesViewer, is a very useful tool, both for learning and troubleshooting.

The Problem

In Wireshark we can easily analyze SNMP packets. But what if at hand we don’t have a full capture file? When all we have is 30 42 02 01 01 04 06 70 75 62 6C 69 63 A4 35 06 08 2B 06 01 04 01 80 … …, it is no longer easy to utilize Wireshark.

I often met such problems when handling issue reports from users, and the best approach I found in the past was to write a corresponding test case in MessageFactoryTestFixture.cs and debug the test case. That was convenient enough to locate the root cause, but no user would like to do the same.

The BytesViewer

The new sample is friendly to users, as it transforms a boring test case in MessageFactoryTestFixture.cs to a navigable tree view. For example, I copy the same bytes from TestReportFailure test case into the top text box, and also type the user information in the items on the tool bar. Then by clicking Analyze button, I immediately know the message in details.

Hope you like this new sample and learn more about SNMP message format from the bytes.

Stay tuned.

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© - Lex Li. All rights reserved.

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Last updated on April 19, 2024