2012 Summary

In 2011 I wrote only 26 posts, as I was disconnected myself from this site by the great firewall of China. Luckily this year I have been aware of GoAgent and Tenacy VPN, and also earned Microsoft MVP title. Therefore, I did intentionally write more about my findings.

Sadly I had to abandon Touch Mouse Mate as I need to focus on #SNMP 8. It was an interesting project, but Microsoft’s hardware has its own limitation, which could not be easily resolved by my mind alone. Luckily new projects arise, so users can migrate.

The road to #SNMP 8 becomes harder, as the remaining tasks are more challenging and complicated to solve. Two releases 7.5 and 7.6 were published in October and December to provide milestone builds for users to pick up. They both provide many bug fixes and slight improvements, while breaking changes are limited.

I think we might not be able to get a full 8.0 release till probably the end of 2013, so more milestone releases (such as 7.7, 7.8) might be published in the next few months. I have got all the books I need to assist the new compiler design and implementation, so we should be able to see something better :)

So wish guys reading this post a happy new year. See you all in 2013.

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