The Guys

In 1989 I entered a famous local primary school and started my study. In that exact year, Peter Weir made a film named Dead Poets Society, which wins an Academic award. I watched that movie when I was a Bachelor, and was moved by the tragical story. Neil, Todd, and so many names were carved in my mind. Today I watched that movie again after 5 years. I was moved again too. Nice movie.

What about those guys now? Do a little search on Yahoo Movie, and I can see after nearly twenty years what has changed. Yes, Robert Sean Leonard and Ethan Hawke are still active in the field and play many roles after D.P.S.. However, I can see they are older, different from the young faces in D.P.S..

(Robert and Ethan now)

Can you still recognize Neil and Todd?

I watched American Pie 1, 2, 3 after D.P.S.. A.P. stories happen in a modern U.S.A., so no more serious topics is covered and funny silly things are filled in. Those guys are completely different.

Time goes by! It seems the world has changed a lot. The only question is after 20 years, can we recognize them?

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