Product Review: TechSmith Jing Shines

I tried Camtasia once and it is very easy to use. Yes, but I still use CamStudio which is free. However, after using Jing today, I believe I will switch to Jing instead.


  1. Jing is instant. After launching, it shows as a bubble on the desktop. And everything you need to do is communicate with this bubble to start wizards.

  2. Jing is easy to use. You can define the canvas by dragging.

Even though it supports limited format (PNG and SWF only), it is still really a nice and handy tool.

I cannot understand why TechSmith releases this free tool while it sells Camtasia. I think for most people Jing’s functions are enough. This may affect Camtasia sales (not every one expects rich format support).

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Last updated on April 13, 2024