Switching to OS X: Initial Days

It was last week that I finally decided to buy a Macbook Pro as my new laptop. So it worked fine then when I was away from home at Hong Kong, before today I had some time to hook my previous PC extras to it. OK, getting started can always be painful, but if you do have the necessary searching skills, you won’t be disappointed after a while.

Logitech Mouse and Keyboard

I do love to use wireless mouse and keyboard instead of the laptop built-in ones, so I have M235 and K270 at this moment. To get unifying working, a piece of software is required to be downloaded from Logitech web site,

  • Go to
  • Scroll down to Previous software versions section.
  • Click Details link of the software to confirm that it is for OS X (latest one is 1.10.421)
  • Click Download to grab the .DMG file.

OK, after installing it (like any other DMG files) you can then see the Unifying software icon in Launchpad and pair the hardware as you wished.

Then you should observe some unexpected mouse lag, as described in this forum post,

I wasted lots of time to investigate Logitech Control Center, but remind you that it was a dead end. Logitech does not yet upgrade it to support Yosemite and it won’t function to remedy all the issues here,

Instead, Internet searches lead me to two solutions,

  • SteerMouse,, which costs 20 USD.
  • SmoothMouse,, which is completely free.

I am OK with SmoothMouse as M235 does not require any further customization. So, now I am happy to use the two pieces of Logitech hardware with my Mac.

The difficult thing still, is that I need to force myself to use Win+Keys instead of Ctrl+Keys. Well, that is killing me :)

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