SUN Enters Virtualization Field At Last

When Microsoft acquired Virtual PC in 2003, Virtual PC was not as good as VMware. VMware has been the leader in this field for years. But after so many years, Microsoft finally succeeds to release a clone of VMware flagship product ESX Server as part of the new operating system product Windows Server 2008. In this way stand alone Virtual PC console vanishes, but we all know Microsoft does have good use of the Virtual PC technology this time and leverage it to the extreme.

There are other competitors too. SUN, IBM and Oracle joins the field by investing on XenSource. And at last SUN enters the war directly by acquiring Innotek, who invents Virtual Box. Because of SUN’s attitude towards open source community, I believe it would soon invest more money on Virtual Box and makes it better than ever.

What would happen to Virtual Box in the next few months? Can’t wait.

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Last updated on May 01, 2024