#SNMP Design: Change Sets From Steve

Steve checked in twice this morning. I must confess that he adapts to Team Foundation Server much faster than me (cannot recall how many experimental check-ins I have done in the past). So, I am looking forward to seeing nice changes and bug fixes for the browser in the next few days or weeks (take your time, Steve, BTW).

One thing that makes me astonished is that Steve and I have similar coding styles. And it is so hard to tell what changes (or mistakes possibly) are made by me or him. :-)

Another interesting thing is that he uses the SVN way while I am forced to use Teamprise Explorer once again by my ISP. Will there be any conflicts happening in the near future because of these clients? I don’t know. But any way we will settle them down at last.

Stay tuned.

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Last updated on June 01, 2024