See Through Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1

Don’t hurt the Web. Please use open standards.

Do you remember the words? I mention it here. Mozilla was one of the driving forces of open standards as well as Opera. However, what they gained was incompatibility brought by Microsoft. How many times I navigated to a site and saw elements misaligned in Firefox!

Luckily, even though those days are not gone yet, Microsoft itself “bravely” joins Mozilla and Opera this time. If you install IE 8 Beta 1 and navigate,, or even my blog at, you will meet obvious rendering and alignment issues.

However, both the sites are displayed correctly in Firefox 3 Beta 3. So, may I say right now IE 8 is lagging behind FF3? Wish the Microsoft guys could catch up soon. Yeah, because they force me to use IE for so many sites (Windows Update and others) they must as well make it support sites that I visit a lot in Firefox, isn’t it?

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Last updated on June 01, 2024