Power of Delphi Community Again

Delphi was born on Feb. 14th, 1995 and since then a strong community was built up around it. Without this amazing community, Delphi should have gone a long time ago.

You may have known FastCode and FastMM. But do you know a latest addition to the community contribution? Yes, it is Help Booster from Delphi-PRAXiS.

I have installed it. However, I met an exception when I pressed F1.

[7727B09E]{kernel32.dll} RaiseException + $58
[07261A3B]{HelpBoosterAddIn_D2007.dll} Unknown function at madTraceProcess + $1873F
[072E068E]{HelpBoosterAddIn_D2007.dll} INITWIZARD0001 + $1B36
[2000764F]{rtl100.bpl  } System.@StartLib (Line 11559, "sys\system.pas" + 82) + $0

It is sad that I cannot find a place to report this issue so hope the developers of it can come across my blog some day.

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Last updated on June 01, 2024