Product Review: Amazon.CN Service

I have bought a lot of books online and I like Amazon.CN a lot.

My Harry Potter 7 copy was delivered to me by Amazon.CN. Have to say I made a wrong decision and let it pass through China Post system. The first service dropped to a intolerable level because as all known China Post is the worst I have ever seem. After about two weeks I got the book.

So this time when I ordered a pair of headphones the day before yesterday, I asked Amazon to ship it directly to my office. OK, I got it this morning.

I used to love, but since it failed to send me a book this September I stopped to try something new.

BTW, is nice if you want to buy something unavailable on Amazon.CN. Because on Taobao you can always receive the goods first and pay later, you can pay without any fear. I bought an out-of-print “Refactoring” copy there. However, the book was sent to me by the seller directly without some official supervision, so I was not that confident until the book arrived.

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Last updated on April 19, 2024