News! No more WalkPace versions. NixNewNer is coming soon

(CSDN June 05, 2006)

Yes, last week I posted a few Update Candidates for WalkPace.

Last weekend, I made a few more changes in LeXDK in order to make Plus Manager beautiful. The change occurred in LeXDK Core and many changes are big enough to notice. As a result, I think it is time to update the version number of LeXDK again.

NixNewNer stage starts at LeXDK version 5.1. Soon a RC 1 will be on homepage for you to download.

Some features added to this version NixNewNer RC 1 are

  1. Plus Manager GUI is updated. Use TreeView instead of ListView.
  2. AutoCompletion is tuned again and adds some XML tag support in C#.

Stay tuned.

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