News: NixNewNer Update 1 RC 2 is ready

(CSDN June 12, 2006)

Some useful features added.

  1. Multi-level tree node support is added in Preferences Dialog. However, it is not complete now, so details are not listed in LeXDK Developer’s Guide.
  2. CodeBeautifiers Plus uses this feature first to deliver more options in CB General Page. Currently only SaveBeforeFormat option is available but it is disabled by default. You can turn it on if you are tired of MessageBoxes that warn you to save your file before formatting.

    You may notice the codename is changed to JackLife and version number is 5.2 now. More options are coming in this plus.

  3. The manual is heavily updated this time. More screen snaps to tell you how to use CBC and those pluses.
  4. In order to make the change from .plus to .plus2 smooth, I make a tool named plus2plus2. It is included in the src folder under plus2plus2 folder. This tool will be added to CBC soon. So this time, no more details is here.

Personally, I use this tool to convert all .plus files to .plus2. It is useful sometimes. It is a console executable. You should use -f:filename parameter to make it work.

Stay tuned…

Also, I make a google group for CBC.

Welcome there.

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