News: HardQuery Preview 1 is out

(CSDN July 17, 2006)

A few features are actually not that useful for normal users (some should be helpful for OTA designers), so they are turn off since this preview version.

Most features are the same as last version, NixNewNer Update 1, because I have no plenty of time to add some more. I begin to test more features in order to deliver a more stable version soon.

Some vulnerabilities are found when using NUnit to test the project. Some are really naive mistakes I made. When more test cases are added, I believe more bugs will be found and fixed.

If you are a user, you should not be able to feel these changes, because I keep the interface untouched. Actually, although a new Minus is added, the project seems the same.

Wish more time I can afford this summer on this project to finish testing and Live Help.

This time I find InDate 2 is working just fine. Wish I could make it better when HardQuery Final is out.

Stay tuned.

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