News! HardQuery Final is finally out.

(CSDN Sept 18, 2006)

First, I have to say sorry for keeping you all waiting. I wish the waiting is not too long.

After two months of developing and testing, this version has more than 10 meliorations over the last. The most significant update is undo support added in CodeBeautifiers Plus. Two new pluses (ArtCSB and NFamily) are included, while five major bugs are addressed.

Beautify the code, delight the work.

Like in the old tale, just Ctrl + W, and a difference is there. What’s new now is another Ctrl + Z, then the old content is back. Is it what you want?

Wish you enjoy this version.

P.S., I guess some users may want to get it by InDate. Because this version is 5.7M, it will take a longer time. Keep your patience while downloading.

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