News! Code Beautifier Collection 5.3.1 is available

(CSDN Dec 25, 2006)

Hi, friends. I am glad to announce the availability of Code Beautifier Collection 5.3.1.

Merry X’mas and happy new year.

What’s the new version?

This version is titled HardQuery R2 Update 1. The version number is

What’s new in this version?

There are about ten main changes:

  1. + Add Lextm Logging Service based on log4net.
    • MarcClifton’s Debug unit is removed.
  2. * NDoc project is replaced by a Sandcastle project.
  3. * JCF 2.25 is used.
  4. + An easter egg is added.
  5. + MSBuild and MSBee are used in the build process.
  6. + InDate UI is changed to a compact one.
  7. + Source Navigator is enhanced.
  8. * Two bugs are fixed.
  9. * All documents are updated.
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