Naming a Product

Sometimes it is funny to see how people name products. Yes, if you are not a programmer, what you will think of the relationship among them when you read these names of Silverlight, Moonlight, and Flash?

a Flash is Silver light.

The Moon light is also Silver light.

Yes, the names lead you to those in fact funny conclusions. Haha. Now you can see how smart the Microsoft guys are. They make you think “Silverlight contains Flash”. And I also wonder why Mono team named their product as Moonlight (just joking, Moonlight is a nice name).

CodeGear names its Ruby on Rails IDE 3rdRails. So why it is named like that? In US culture, the 3rd rail means power line or power transmitter for trains (or power conductor). I got the meaning only after listening to Delphi Hour on Oct. 4th.

What is the most weird product name you ever see anywhere?

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Last updated on April 19, 2024