Microsoft Surface And WPF

Why .NET is core of Windows development now? Because Microsoft uses it wherever possible. When Microsoft Surface is released, when you say Wow, please understand that .NET (especially WPF) drives this innovative product. I am now reading a post of Windows Vista Blog which provides more details about this.

The most important thing you should pay attention to is that,

All Surface applications are written in managed code and most use WPF or XMA; Flash was used in early development, but was replaced before launch.

This is really funny. Yes, it reflects why Microsoft spent that much efforts on Silverlight and WPF. Can you imagine that Microsoft released Surface that contains Flash and a written permission from Adobe? That would be much more funny. Once Microsoft got such a permission from SUN about Java, and we all clearly remember what happened later, don’t you?

There is another interesting point you should not miss,

the GPU now uses DirectX 9 and C# for real-time image processing

Yes, C# can be used here. Who says C# cannot do real-time staff?

I have to say the author pointed out a few wonderful possibilities later versions of Microsoft Surface can fulfill. Yes, if they all come true, the world will be completely different.

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Last updated on June 24, 2024