My Last Post on Touch Mouse Mate

I started to work on Touch Mouse Mate early this year. The very first change set on GitHub was on Feb 25. I was able to pack the original work done by J5 as 1.4 release, and even added some of my own ideas in 1.5 Beta release.

However, I am not able to drive this project further any more, as I have been involved in too many open source projects, and I have to reset my focus to only a few of them. Therefore, like what I did in the past (for Code Beautifier Collection, M8 Theme Builder, and so on), I will stop working on TMM in the future (well, I have been idle on it for a few months already).

As the source code is released under MIT/X11, you can feel free to fork it and modify it to suit your own need. New projects have already started in this area, such as Touch Mouse Plus.

Please start hacking if you are a developer, and start watching the new projects if you are an ordinary user. Microsoft does not yet demonstrate any further plan on Touch Mouse in Windows 8 (I am writing this post on Windows 8 Release Preview), so we are still on our own.

Good luck, guys.

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Last updated on June 24, 2024